Who is SB?

SB is Stephanie Blaszczyk-Beasley. Storyteller. Science communicator. Scientist. Wife. Mother.

I’ve always enjoyed telling stories.

As an undergraduate student, I wanted to teach organic chemistry. I was interested in teaching organic chemistry and telling a story, which was explaining how the main characters (nucleophiles and electrophiles) reacted to reach a conclusion (product).

As a graduate student researcher, I’m still telling stories, but in the form of peer-reviewed research articles. Since my reactions don’t always go as planned, the narrative is full of plot twists. The conclusion is often far from predictable, but that’s part of what makes science exciting!

Now venturing into science communication, I have found that there are many parallels between my role as a scientist and my role as a science writer. In each case, I ask probing questions, uncover the facts, and try to make sense of the story at hand.

I intend to dedicate my career to increasing the accuracy and reach of scientific information throughout the United States and beyond through formal publications, public demonstrations and everyday conversations.