Science Communicator

My experiences as a teenage mother and on-again-off-again college student turned chemist have provided me with perspective. As a mother, I worried less about messy fingers and more about raising a kind child. As a student, I fretted less about grades and focused on graduation. As a former industrial scientist and current academic chemist, I’m less concerned about making a molecule and more interested in explaining to society the importance of this molecule.

My perspective has shown me how disconnected academia can be from society. This disconnect can be bridged by fostering more positive attitudes toward science and increasing the amount and reach of accurate science communication in the US.

The public needs a better understanding of science and how deeply the outcomes of research impact their everyday lives and hold even greater promise for their futures. I’ve seen how difficult it can be for members of STEM disciplines to forge meaningful relationships with society. They face many challenges, not limited to public distrust and fear, relevance, clear communication, and transparency.

Here you will find stories that showcase the significance of research and encourage the public to appreciate evidence-based science.